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Friday, August 25, 2006
the end!

This journal has been fun, and has served me well.  It helped me keep in touch with family and friends in Maryland while I was off at college for four years.  Now that I am back in Maryland, and about to start the next step in life - moving out of the house and starting my job - it seems like an appropriate time to discontinue the journal.  (Since I haven't updated in almost a month, I'm sure you all could have deduced that on your own anyway.)  So, that's that I guess!  Bye bye.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
interview #2

I had a second interview with Westat today.  Like the first one, it went really well.  They said they will probably have a decision within a week, so hopefully I will have a job offer by the middle of next week. 

Everything else is pretty much the same.  Busy (good busy).  Hot.  Desperately in need of another runner for the Wild West Relay. 

It's so wonderful to be home. 

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
way too humid

The super busy weekend went very well!  For me, the weekend started on Thursday when Sid's boss threw him a party since Friday was his last day working at Micros.  So I got to meet all of his co-workers who aren't his co-workers anymore.  Friday was Trey's Homecoming / Jenni's-late-bday / goodbye-to-the-boat party.  Good times.  Saturday, Gabby came to visit, and we ran the Rockville Twilighter 8k.  Nothin' can stop the Super Duper Track Stars.  And Sunday was my graduation party.  It was lots of fun; I saw some old Glenelg trackies I haven't seen in a long time, and got the chance to catch up with lots of people.  Then, just like that, the weekend was over, and suddenly it was Monday (Sid's first day at GWU) and then today (my interview with Westat that got postponed from last Thursday).  So, it's been a very busy last week, but busy with all good things. And my interview went very well.  So now, I am just waiting / hoping for a job offer. 

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
ready to go get me a job!

I have my first job interview tomorrow, with a research company in Rockville called Westat.  :)

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Monday, July 10, 2006
home sweet home

I am back at home now, and I jumped right into being non-stop-busy over the weekend.  Got home on Friday, went back down south of Charlottesville to help Phil and Tory with painting their new house on Saturday, had nice hard long runs with Sid on Friday and Sunday, saw my Babay get baptized Sunday morning, and watched a crazy World Cup on Sunday afternoon. 

So today, it has been nice to relax a little bit.  My room is a complete zoo; boxes and suitcases all over the floor and bed.  I don't know where half of my clothes are.  And I am not very motivated to unpack everything and figure out where everything goes.  Who needs a bed anyway. 

The job situation is definitely looking up.  I have already been in contact with two companies that I applied to, and should be hearing back from both within the week about interviews. 

So now I get to go buy a nice buisness suit.  Ooh la la.  ;)

This coming weekend is going to be crazy too: Trey's Homecoming Party on Friday, Gabby visiting Saturday and Sunday, Rockville 8k on Saturday, and my graduation party on Sunday.  Fun fun fun.  :)

Posted at 12:33 pm by angelrunner
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Happy 4th of July!

I think I have seen or heard fireworks every night for the past three nights.  These South Carolinians love their fireworks! 

I got brownies in the mail yesterday.  :)  I already ate way too many.  Brownies for breakfast do not make your tummy feel good. 

 I only have two more days living in Rock Hill.

 I ran at the Greenway yesterday, probably for the last time.  It was totally overgrown with kudzu, I had a close encounter with a chubby raccoon, and I almost stepped on a snake. 

I talked to the senior recruiter at ICF International yesterday.  Keep your fingers crossed that they will get back to me and ask me to come in for an interview sometime next week. 

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Thursday, June 29, 2006
I am easily amused.

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8 days!

Well I guess I better get another entry in before the whole month is gone. 

Life has been going full-throttle lately.  I went home last weekend, and Starr came with me.  Had a good time seeing everyone again, and confirmed that I am soooo ready to be home for good.  :)  Friday night, we went out to dinner with a big fun random group at Arundel Mills and saw Nacho Libre (hilarious).   I showed her around the quaint little town of Mount Airy, including the whole 100 yards of "Downtown Mount Airy."  It was fun.  We had some good homemade pie and found some cute little shops.  Sunday, I went out with the fam for a late Father's Day lunch and movie, saw Click (it was good, I actually almost cried, which is embarrassing since it's an Adam Sandler movie), and then hit the road for DC to pick up Starr and head back to Rock Hill.  The drive back went by surprisingly fast, and this week went by super fast as well.  And now, I have a looooong weekend, with only one class between now and Wednesday. 

I found lots of new jobs to apply for, so that's what I will be working on all weekend.  I am excited, because I am actually really intrigued by a lot of these jobs and feel like I am well qualified.  Sooo, hopefully something good will come out of that.  :)

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Saturday, June 17, 2006
World Cup!?

I watched my first World Cup game today!  It confirmed the fact that I am quite soccer illiterate.  But I learned a lot just from watching, and it was actually a really exciting game!  Would have been more exciting if we won, but hey, at least we didn't lose!

Day 2 of running: not as good as yesterday!  My foot hurt a little more throughout the day today, but not too much while running.  Biking, however... ouch!!!  The hard 2 hours Wednesday, followed by the superhard hour on Thursday, followed by running and biking Friday makes for a very sore Saturday!  My legs were sooooo tired when I got on the bike!   I was pretty tired running, too, so I just did a nice, easy three miles.  No point in pushing the first week back.


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Friday, June 16, 2006
I ran!

Yay, I ran today!  And it felt really good!  I assumed the first week back would consist of the usual feeling-out-of-shape and soreness, but I felt surprisingly good after taking 2.5 weeks off!  All that biking must have helped.  :)  But I guess the real test is how I feel tomorrow. 

I have really enjoyed biking though, so I think I am going to try to keep up both.  Yesterday, I had a killer bike ride.  I was planning on taking it easy, because the day before, I had gone for two hours, so I was kind of tired.  But after a few laps around the lake, a group of three "real" bikers passed me, with their fast road bikes and their tight shirts and all.  Well, that's ok, there are usually one or two real bikers out while I am riding, and of course, they always pass me.  But yesterday, my health teacher was out walking around the lake, and my rock climbing teacher was also out (I think he was playing disc golf).  I can't let them think I'm some wimp when it comes to biking.  So I start going hard.  Every time the real bikers passed me, I tucked in right behind em for as long as I could.  And going up hills, I could actually stay with them!   So I was only going to go for an easy 30 minutes, but I ended up killing myself and going really hard for about an hour.  It felt so good though.  Got a really good aerobic workout in, which is usually hard to do while biking.  Yay endorphines.  :)

I'm gonna be home in a week!

And moving home for good in three weeks!  Surprise

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